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An Association of Fence Professionals Across the United States of America

Who We Are

The USA Fence Association is a membership organization of fence companies and fence-industry professionals from across the United States. This community of fencing professionals work together for the betterment of their members and the entire fencing industry.

Our association is particularly interested in increasing the visibility of our members and in making sure that homeowners and business owners in their local areas are aware that they have an excellent top-quality fence company that display a commitment to excellence and dedication.

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Member Spotlight - Tampa Fence Florida

Tampa Fence

Each week we spotlight one of our members. This week's featured member is Tampa Fence. These guys have a super-cool thing going on in Florida ... check it out!

American Made Fences

Why the best fencing is still manufactured and fabricated in America. This article tells you where to find it and how to get it

Expert fence industry article - American Made Fences
Expert fence industry article - Top Aluminum Fence Manufacturers

Top Aluminum Fence Manufacturers

Expert insight into the best aluminum fencing manufacturers and distributors to work with in the United States.

Expert fence industry article - Tips: How to Take Better Project Photos

Tips: How to Take Better Project Photos

Installing beautiful fences is important, but it's not "everything". Here are some tips about how to take the best fence photos for your completed fencing projects.

Expert fence industry article - The Next Generation of Fencers

The Next Generation of Fencers

For our members who are raising families ... what does the next generation of fencing look like?

Expert fence industry article - Tips for Dog Fences

Expert Tips for Dog Fences

Here are some of the top tips and tricks our members have shared to make you dog fences even better!

The American Fence Association

Are You a Member of the American Fence Association?

Since its inception in 1962, the AFA has grown to represent the largest and most comprehensive resource in the industry for the latest developments, tools, materials, standards, trends and discounts in the fence industry.

AFA now serves more than 1,400 member companies with 19 chapters across the United States. AFA's membership also extends to more than 18 foreign countries. By offering education and certification programs and providing networking opportunities, AFA is ensuring that its members have a competitive edge among their industry peers. AFA now offers 6 schools for education opportunities: Fence Installation School, Gate Automation Designer School, Gate Automation Technician School, Sales Training School, Fence Contractor Business School and Operations Manager School.

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Websites For
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Finally, fence companies have a website solution specifically designed for your unique needs.

The industry leader in website for fence companies is the aptly named Fence Company Websites website design and digital marketing agency.

It is almost impossible to find a top-performing fence company or fencing manufacturer in North America that doesn't use these guys!

The USA Fence Association is proud to endorse this company not only because their work is outstanding but because of their commitment to the fencing industry.

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Our Commitment to the Fencing Industry

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We strive to provide the fencing industry with the best expert content available. Written by fence professionals specifically for fence professionals.

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We ask a wide number of our members who they ise and review their results. We do not recommend brand new companies or vendors without a long track-record of dependability.

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We are always on the lookout for fun or interesting fence industry related "stuff"!

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